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Agri-Impact is an agri-environmental policy simulator that gives insight into how policy decision-making affects environmental impact categories. Using system dynamics, machine learning and life cycle assessment built together in a web-based application, the tool simulates policy implementation, with the quantification of social and cultural aspects that can help or hinder policy implementation success. Agri-impact is built for the Norwegian agricultural context, with an expected launch in 2021.

Protein 2.0

Protein 2.0 provides Norway’s first assessment of the impacts, outcomes and opportunities of what biosynthetic animal protein represents to Norway’s bioeconomic vision. I am the work package leader for WP6 which will model potential wider social changes of the “post-animal bioeconomy” and generate change scenarios through applying a social simulation model (hybrid system dynamics and agent-based modeling).

"Systems Thinking Stories" Book Project

This book is a collection of personal stories from systems thinking practitioners in a variety of fields/disciplines, which give an account of how their eyes were opened to the limits of their own systems thinking application because of the complexity of social systems. Each chapter begins with a story, which is then used as the foundation to discuss social system concepts relevant to systems thinking practice and application. This discussion includes perspectives from new social systems research that has the potential to strengthen systems thinking practice. The book seeks to inspire practitioners to look at their everyday interactions for insight into their systems thinking application. 

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