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Talks & Events

I bring the social sciences to systems engineering and systems engineering to the social sciences.


 Latin American System Dynamics Conference in Bogota, Colombia in November 2019. "Lost in Translation: System Dynamics and Systems Engineering"

Besides my research, I give scientific talks and am involved in events on a variety of topics in the social systems, systems engineering, modeling and simulation, managing complexity, building innovative networks and empowering women in STEM fields.

Upcoming events

30th Annual INCOSE International Symposium: Systems Engineering for Earth’s Future
Uniting Technology and Grand Challenges though Systems Engineering. Cape Town, South Africa. July 18 - 23, 2020

Past events

Speaker and organizer of the Social System Working Group Sessions at the International Council on Systems Engineering International Workshop (INCOSE IW2020) in Torrance, CA 25-28 January 2020. 

"AI and Feminist Engineering Ethics", Erika Palmer and Maja Farstad

"It’s Not Just Counting the Women: Gender Diversity and Systems Engineering", Erika Palmer and Maja Farstad at the Empowering Women Leaders in Systems Engineering Session

"Lost in Translation: System Dynamics and Systems Engineering". Latin American System Dynamics Conference in Bogotá, Colombia in November 2019.

Organizer and Chair of System Dynamics Colloquiums

2016: Delft, The Netherlands

2017: Cambridge, MA, USA

2018: Reykjavik, Iceland


The System Dynamics Colloquium is a full day of workshop and networking events, in addition to scientific presentations by master and PhD students and anyone new to system dynamics. As the chair of the System Dynamics Colloquium, I led, together with the co-chair, a brilliant team of organizers and was responsible for the technical program. 

"The Unethical Engineer: Are your models taking you to the dark side?". Talk in Bogotá, Colombia in November 2017 at UniAndes. 

Erika Palmer at INCOSE IW2020

Erika Palmer INCOSE IW2020
Erika Palmer INCOSE Social systems engineering

Randy Anway and Erika Palmer (chair and co-chair picture for the Social Systems Working Group at INCOSE IW2020

Erika Palmer and Randy Anway INCOSE IW20
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